Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament [PNWP] home raid by Indonesian Military.

Indonesian Military Team consisting of Police ,TNI , Brimob , BIN and Detachment 88 under the leadership of Commissioner Alfred Papare , Jayapura police chief , Kiki Kurnia , Deputy Chief of Jayapura , Abepura Police chief and TNI conduct raids and house searches Buchtar Tabuni , Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament housing in Kamwolker III Waena, Jayapura – Papua on Thursday 26 Sebtember 2013.

Military and police team arrived at the house at 26 Sebtember 2013 at 14 .00 WPB . They come with 2 pieces Truck Police , 6 Police Patrol Cars , avanza car brand . A joint team led by the Jayapura police chief comes with a full arsenal raid shelter and sweeping in Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament, houses in Waena.

Joint military and police team conducting searches and raids in all places around the house where Buchtar Tabuni stay . They did a home inspection is in and out of the house they even check in the bathroom . But they did not find Buchtar Tabuni as previously already left home .

At 14 . 30 WPB, Board of KNPB Jayapura checks to the scene . KNPB Jayapura led by the General Secretary and National Spokesman of KNPB came here and asked for police incident , citing what police conducting searches and raids . But the police and the military Joint Team did not provide an answer to the KNPB Jayapura grounds police conducting searches and raids in PNWP Chairman home.

Raids and searches by police and military joint team ended at 16.00 WPB and the police / military left the scene .

Indirectly we judge that the Papua Police through the Papua Police conduct raids without procedural due usually with Act have set procedures for raids and searched the house . We saw police itself violates the Act to carry out raids homes without coordination to RT and RW .

Thus we appeal to the International Network of Free West Papua Campaign , especially in London, Netherlands , Papua New Guinea , Vanuatu , Australia , America , IPWP , ILWP and International Community in order IMMEDIATELY pressing Indonesian Police and Military because Buchtar Tabuni live under Indonesia Militery pressure today .

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